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Most divorces have 2 things in common:

1- Both Parties Want Custody Of Kids

2- Both Parties Want Assets

Computer forensics and eDiscovery can play an important role in the outcome of your client’s divorce or family law case. An experienced digital forensics partner will help an attorney focus on the specific data that is critical to a dispute, while also looking deeper into metadata, activity logs, and other insights. Lets chat to see how we can help your divorce case or situation



Spyware allows you to view all aspects of your husband or wife’s devices.  If you think they are up to no good, we can help you prove it with forensics.

Data Extractions

 We can extract any cell phone in almost any condition.  When you extract an phone you can recover all media, locations, E-mails, Text, Social media activity and much more. 

Secure Your Devices

In order to make sure your significant other has not put spyware on your device, we have tools to check, as well as bug sweeps we can perform to discover evidence. 

Mission & Vision

Helping You Win Your Case With Forensics

An at-fault divorce state means that there are grounds for a divorce and that assets are not split equally between parties. This means that a digital forensic investigation can help you prove if your spouse was abusive or having an affair; thereby increasing the number of assets that you get.

Cell Phone, Computer, Icloud & any IoT Device Extractions

We Can Extract Any Device. We can extract most cell phones remotely. What we do is take a copy of the phone, then provide you with a searchable report to view all the data recovered from the device(s).   We can extract many social media apps, drones, deleted text & more!

Modernizing Divorce Digital Forensic Investigations

Law enforcement agencies and corporations are dealing with an avalanche of data, which is only increasing in volume and complexity. We are re-imagining digital investigations for the modern era with an integrated approach that maximizes people, processes, and technology.

Divorce Digital Forensics Consulting Services

We help our clients with our Divorce Digital Forensic services even if its just giving you some advice and options that you will have to make during your cases.  Each case is different so please ask us how we can help.  We have access, tools, and knowledge of many cases.  

Divorce Courts

Present The Facts To Win Your Divorce Case

There are protocols that every court requires for evidence. Please know that viewing evidence will change time and dates. This could result in the evidence being inadmissible in court. It is unadvisable for you or anyone other than a Digital Forensics Professional to view, save, copy or try to find evidence. Strict protocols and procedures must be followed in order to use the evidence in court. That’s why it is vital to hire a company like Divorce Digital Forensics to perform the evidence collection and analysis.

Once the information is collected and analyzed you’ll receive a report of our findings so you can go over the information and evidence with your client or attorney and determine how to proceed.



What Can We Do For You?

Remote Extractions

Our main specialty is being able to extract phones remotely using the exact same tools the FBI, CIA, and other law enforcement agencies use.  We can find the facts to help.

Outside The Box Thinking

We have dealt with many divorce cases over the years.  We can help you achomplish what you are looking for using digital forensics tools and custom software we built for this purpose. 

Research & Reports

We can provide detailed reports for any extraction or research project we take. Our examiners can be an expert witness for your divorce case to present the facts or findings.

Always Listening Devices

We now have so many always listening devices laying around our house, car, and lifes. We can extract those recording in order to get evidence that you may not realize.  

Remote Extraction Devices

We license our equipment out to our clients as needed. If you are an investigator, law firm, or law enforcement employee please contact us to learn more about testing our devices.

Premium Customer Service

We are availible 24/7/365.  We understand that sometimes you may need to extract your significant others phone while they are asleep, or whenever you can get the phone for 15 min. 

Use Digital Forensics To Win Your Divorce Case.  (800) HUGE-WIN

Why Hire Divorce Digital Forensics?

The advantages of hiring an outside digital forensics firm can be numerous. To begin, if selected, the individual will be a professional at their trade. In terms of e-discovery, this means that the expert may be able to find all sorts of deleted data from financial records to stored emails. Sometimes this information has not even been deleted, it merely requires someone with the right know how to uncover it. Also, there are instances in which hiring a professional forensic computer analyst to examine a computer or hard drive is the only way important evidence can be found. Useful information may come from unexpected sources as even “meta data,” which is really data about data, can provide the “smoking gun.”

Other advantages are that professionals can access and often mirror a computer or device without damaging any of the files or hardware. This is something even an experienced attorney cannot always be certain of. Also, the process is usually pretty quick. A forensic image of a hard drive often only takes four to six hours and a comprehensive report from a forensic examiner usually takes between two to four weeks. Finally, a forensic report can be a very useful way to prove spoliation of evidence.

Extraction Experts

We can remotely extract almost every device in the world. Most of the time we extract remote.

Digital Forensics Tools

We have licenses for most forensics software in the market. Then we customize off of it. 

Licensed Forensic Engineer

Our digital forensics engineers have years of experience handeling divorce case evidence. 


*Client Names have been Removed & Images Have been changed to stock images to protect identities and court proceedings rules*

“Getting a divorce is a bad situation, but DDF made it such a better experience.  I’m extremely glad I went with Divorce Digital Forensics. I was able to recover evidence of my wife cheating & lying to me by looking at her text messages & videos.  This lead me to winning the case by a landslide.  I did not have to split any of my assets or custody of our 2 kids” 

“I cannot even express how happy I am with you DDF. My husband was lying to me for years. I had a feeling it was happening, but I did not have the proof.  Divorce digital forensics was able to pull his Uber app to prove he was not going to the location he said. I won all cases against him.  I was entitled to my. child support, alimony, and custody. ”  

Lets Tak To See How Divorce Digital Forensics Can Help Your Situation

We use many tools to get the information you need

Divorce or child custody cases are emotionally wrenching, making it difficult to maintain an unbiased view of your adversary and their behavior. In digital forensic examinations, however, objectivity is paramount. Evidence obtained without following strict legal protocols including evidence authenticity, integrity and chain-of-custody is worthless if it is thrown out of court.

Divorce Digital Forensics focuses all aspects of evidence management, preservation and unbiased analysis to ensure that any evidence is challenge-proof in court. We back up our findings, as needed, with professional testimony in depositions or court proceedings. We can also assist in evaluating the admissibility of ESI counter-evidence presented by your adversary.

We frequently works closely with attorneys in civil and criminal matters. We understand the legal and ethical issues involved in uncovering case-pertinent information. Furthermore, our knowledge of sophisticated techniques to discover information in all recesses of devices and storage media, even when it has been intentionally hidden or tampered with, makes us an invaluable contributor to your legal team.

Divorce and child custody cases are some of the most emotionally-challenging experiences anyone can have. Sometimes, the participants are driven to take inappropriate or even illegal actions out of spite or fear including hacking or tampering with their opponent’s computers or mobile devices.

If you suspect such tampering, which may appear as spyware, slow operations, delayed keystrokes, changes in your browser home page, browser redirects, unconnected pop-ups and so on, call us to examine these devices for the possibility that your privacy may have been compromised.